Support Documents and Downloads

Guidelines for Selecting Reference Photos
For those workshops in which we will be working from photos.

Supply Photos
Photos of certain supplies that are best described with a picture.

Plein Air Supply Checklist (PDF)
Forget me not! Refer to this handy checklist when preparing your supply bag so you’ll have everything at the ready.

Limited Palette: Expanded Primaries
The benefits of using a limited range of color. Understand the cool and warm varieties of each primary and how to arrange colors on your palette.

Advantages of the Alkyd Medium
Alkyds offer the best of both worlds, the buttery feel of oils and the faster-drying qualities of acrylics.

Video Demonstration: How to Gesso Paper
Gessoing paper can be tricky: learn about the proper paper weight, textures, sizing and how to apply the gesso properly.